ZEISS Kolposkop 150 FC – High-quality optics.
The integrated video camera on the ZEISS Kolposkop 150 FC allows you to visualize your colposcope image in state-of-the-art, full-HD picture quality. This enables you to display relevant tissue structures in a finer detail when in comparison with standard definition cameras. The live image display on the monitor can be used for explanation and patient consultation. High contrast and ideal image definition are ensured through the built-in ZEISS video optics. The camera starts with a specialized, pre-defined configuration for colposcopy and is therefore instantly ready to use with the colposcope.
Combining the integrated video camera with the HD video recorder allows you to digitally save your high-quality colposcope images. You can choose between photo and video storage. Also, you are able to select USB storage or configure the recorder to directly transmit your image data to a network storage system.

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